Nina Essendrop | Human Experience
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Human Experience

“Human Experience” is a physical, immersive larp about the sensations we get from movements, touch and senses.


The players play Ancient Consciousnessess who shortly get to experience life through a human body.


The Ancient Conciousnessess are gentle, slow and curious. They don’t understand rational logic but experiences the world through poetic images and abstract sensations.


Having human bodies are new and overwhelming to them. In their short time as embodied creatures, they want to carefully experience the nuances in the way humans move and sense and to try to understand what it is like to be human and experience through a body.


“Human Experience” is played with an audience, who are part of the fiction of the larp. They are there to experiment with movements and senses and to follow and aid the Ancient Conciousnessess in their exploration.


The audience can help the Ancient Conciousnessess by showing them movements or describe sensations, thereby teaching the Ancient Conciousnessess how humans move and feel. In return the Ancient Conciousnessess can describe how these movements and sensations feels to creatures who have a poetic approach and experience everything as new.

Human Experience performed with live music (with Lo Ersare)

Improvised music by Lo Ersare, Rasmus Svale Kjærgård Lund, Szymon Pimpon Gasiorek and Nick Martin
Cinematography by Julie Due Steffensen
Produced by Noisy Beehive, Jokubas Ragauskas
Recorded by Jonas Ingemann Due Steffensen, co-engineer Julia Rakel Öjbrandt, live sound Salvatore Rizza
Performers Helene Buchhave Lind, Malene Berg Thomsen, Anne Serup Grove, Anne Hollænder, Miriam Lundqvist, Nast Marrero, Martin Nielsen, Ronja Lofstad, Dana Cherepkova, Josefine Mikuta Poulsen, Kamilla Askholm, Nilas Dumstrei, Andreas Wolf and Olga Rudak