Nina Essendrop | Innocence
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Setting: an abstract, empty circus ring, created by light and the surrounding darkness. A group of innocent clowns with big hearts and little sense wake up in the empty circus ring.


Lost and confused and with a longing for something they barely can remember they start to explore themselves and each other, searching for meaning and happiness. But life is hard for small clumsy clowns that are full of love but cannot speak. Out from the darkness the Salesman arrives and offers easy and exciting solutions for small but significant prices.


Innocence is a physical scenario exploring topics like friendship, immediacy, strong emotions and the value of things that make life hard. The game uses gibberish as language.


Played at: Metamorfozes (2014) Blackbox Cph IV (2014) Blackbox Deichman (Oslo, 2015) Black Box Horsens (2016). Winner of the scenario writing contest at Metamorfozes 2014.