Nina Essendrop | The Other Life Project
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w. Peter Munthe-Kaas

The Other Life Project is based on the premise that identities as well as the so called “reality” around us are changeable. Our claim is that we through exploration and play can provide the participants with an extraordinary opportunity to play with and enact new realites.


The Other Life is a a space where the participants can reflect upon and experiment with identities, interaction and being. They can take control over or loose themselves in attempts to develop new understandings of what it is possible to be and do, individually or together with others. The Other Life evolves through a series of transformational performance events in which we want the participants go through processes of growth, transformation and rebirth so that they in turn can precipitate a similar development in the audience.


It is meant as an opportunity to explore yourself and your relationship to the world in depth through a variety of approaches and with the support of the ensemble. The social conventions are simple, with focus on fundamental, immediate and intuitive aspects of life. A space and time to sense, experience and play within a safe framework.


We find inspiration for these explorations in a multitude of practices such as psycho-drama, syntheism, circling, shamanism, performance-design, larp, zen, embodied cognition theory, physical theatre and movement theraphy. From these we will import, test and develop practices for the Other Life.