Nina Runa Essendrop


Nina Runa Essendrop is a Danish LARP designer and artist with a masters degree in Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies. She has a strong focus on movement, sensory experiences and the meaning of physical action. Nina is an active player in the Nordic LARP community. She has designed and produced blackbox LARPs, freeform games, large-scale LARPs, and LARP festivals, and collaborated with artists in both Europe and the United States.


White Death

A poetic, non-verbal larp that emphasizes physical expression. The players are guided through feelings like anger, frustration, sorrow, and fear – and the feelings of peace and closeness which follow the characters’ gentle deaths. Music by Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Johnny Cash sets the tone.

The Other Life Project

The Other Life Project is based on the premise that identities as well as the so called “reality” around us are changeable. Our claim is that we through exploration and play can provide the participants with an extraordinary opportunity to play with and enact new realites.


Two cultures in neighbouring countries. Not friends and not enemies, each minding their own business. Then catastrophe hits one country, forcing the inhabitants to flee and seek refuge among their foreign neighbours.


Innocence is a physical scenario exploring topics like friendship, immediacy, strong emotions and the value of things that make life hard. The game uses gibberish as language.

Human Experience

“Human Experience” is a physical, immersive larp about the sensations we get from movements, touch and senses. The players play Ancient Consciousnesses who shortly get to experience life through a human body.

Before we Wake

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Fragile Lives of Souls Gone Missing

The fragile life of souls gone missing is a poetic larp about loneliness, being caught in personal world views and about the beauty of fragile interaction and small moments.


Here are some of the things my partners, participants and collaborators have to say about my work.

“Nina is a creative force of nature, and anyone working with her will meet not just an artist at the top of her game, but also a human with a deep passion for humanity. Don’t be fooled by the quirky smile and the relaxed grin; Nina is a serious changemaker who impacts people’s lives and constantly pushes the envelope.!״
Claus Raasted
Director | The College of Extraordinary Experiences
“Nina is a wonderful artist, facilitator and collaborator – someone I look up to and definitely one of the first larp designers I refer people to. I have organized her larps for non-larpers and students many times: they’re so elegant and deep that I can’t think of any better introduction to the potentials of larp.״
Nadja Lipsyc
Designer | But where
“I have worked together with Nina on several projects and I always appreciate the sensitivity and care she brings into design processes.״
Peter Munthe-Kaas
Facilitator |
“Nina’s work has inspired me, and touched me as a larper, as a psychologist and as a person. Her tactile and non-verbal style invites emotions and human connection in a very unfiltered way. Where most larps are like novels or novellas, Nina’s work is closer to poetry.״
Gustav Nilsson